CryptoYuna Art

The Lost Avatars CryptoYuna is the artist and founder of The Lost Avastars. All hand drawn they are a 10k randomly generated pfp built on Erc-721 contract...
Lion This was a commissioned painting of a Lion. Acrylics on canvas.
Special Edition After CryptoYuna was in the first ever NFT art exhibition in Beijing called Stratosphere, this special made art was requested to be on tour...
Mind Matters This beautiful work was on display at the Dreamverse Gallery in NYC during the Beeples meet and greet at nftnyc 2021.
A Look Inside
Trash Art Known for her work in the trash art movement early 2020. Yuna was invited to exhibit in the Proof of Art exhibition. Thereafter they...
Anatomy Shapes Collection Yuna is known for the use of a signature color palette, geometric shapes and model profiles in many of her unique collections as can be...
Corrupted Minds
Dare to be Eth
Bitcoin 2022
Open Oceans
Cosmo to the Moon
Rekt Glamour
Trashy Fashion
Wrapped up in a pretty package
CryptoArt Queen
Crypto Fashion
Bitcoin En Vogue
NFT Glam
Ethereum Fashion
Silence the Noise
Time waits for no man
Trash Compliant
I Am Worth It Genesis artwork for 1st Dibs. this work explores the roller coaster of emotions artist feel at times wondering if they measure up.
Yuna Pop Genesis drop for Foundation collection.
Not Art I turn insults into artwork